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Top Tools For Managing Your Virtual Assistant

Top Tools For Managing Your Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can significantly increase your productivity and what you can achieve in a day. Once you outsource work to a VA however, you need a way to manage it. Especially if you end up bringing two, three or even four Virtual Assistants to help you get through your workload.

So how do you keep on top of everything?

We put together our collection of top tools for manage the workload of your Virtual Assistant

Task Pigeon

task pigeon cover

Task Pigeon is a free task management application for teams of under five, with a paid tier for larger teams.

We have found Task Pigeon an effective way to manage work with our VA’s because it is simple and easy to understand. This reduces the need to train your VA on how to actually use the tool and you can just get on with assigning them work.

Task Pigeon allows you to create categories to keep everything organized. For example categories we use here at First Class Office Assistance for our own VA’s are:

  • Email Outreach
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Administration

This helps keep tasks organized. When you create a task you can then assign it to one or more of your VA’s and they receive an email notification so they will never miss a new task.

On top of that Task Pigeon allows you to leave comments directly in tasks, attach documents from Google Drive and Dropbox and mark tasks as in progress so you can see what your VA’s are currently working on.


Slack Cover

Slack is a team chat and collaboration tool that is great for ad-hoc communication. We use Slack for general daily chat that isn’t necessarily associated with any particular task or project.

It is also a great replacement for emails that only need a quick reply, rather than an ongoing and length response.

The great thing about slack is that there is a free tier that will suit most, if not all teams. There are also iOS and Android apps available so that your team can keep in touch with one another even when you may not necessarily in front of your computer.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Cover

Google Hangouts is the ideal for solution for team chats when one or more people need to be on the line.

While you don’t need to speak with your Virtual Assistant face to face if you choose not to, sometimes speaking with someone when you can see them helps get on top of problems/issues quickly.

Google Hangout works really well for teams as you can provide a central link that everyone can click to join.

This may suit companies have more than one VA or where two or three employees of the company need to be on the time when speaking with the VA.


Skype Cover

We also use Skype for communicating with our Virtual Assistants. Skype is ideal for one on one communication. While you can do group calls with Skype the ability to just quickly click and call your Virtual Assistant is where it is really effective.

One of the other good things about Skype is that with the dashboard you can see who is available or has their status set to away.

Skype is also free is you are calling another skype user. This makes it ideal for teams looking for a free communication tool.

These are the key tools we use to manage tasks and communicate with Virtual Assistants. It helps keep both our business and the VA on track and ensures that there is a communication style that will suit almost any team.

And the best thing about each of the tools above, a free plan is available for each tool, so you can get your team up and running for literally no cost.

10 Tasks to Outsource To Your VA in 2018

Being an entrepreneur, you would have to focus on the activities which add value to your core business. If you try to do everything on your own wearing multiple hats, you would be worn out soon and would not be able to focus on growing the business. That’s where virtual assistants come in handy. They are trusted for their ability to conduct all the essential routine work for small business entrepreneurs with high quality and reliability.

They save huge costs overheads as they charge only for the hours they work. VAs are talented professionals and they offer the best business and administrative services to offshore clients without geographical limitations.

Below are the 10 tasks which you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant in 2018.

  1. Email Management

As an entrepreneur, your email inbox would be cluttered with so many mails not to mention the spams. An efficient VA would clean up your inbox, prioritizing the important mails, organizing mail reminders. They save you a lot of hassle and time.

  1. Booking Appointments

Going through the thick of things every day in business, you would easily lose track of important meetings and appointments with that influential investor, attending that fundraising event. Having a VA would mean that you are always on track on your appointments

  1. Prospecting For New Clients

Growing a business means expanding the client base and meeting and pitching to a lot of new people. Your VA can help you list down the prospective clients, schedule your meetings with them, and can keep track of the prospects you have turned into clients.

  1. Organizing/Managing Files

Most people would have their desktop jam packed with lot of files and when needed they cannot find that important presentation, that report needed to be shown to the investor etc. Are you that guy? Then you are much better off with a VA who would organize your files in folders with proper names and continuously manage it for easy retrieval.

  1. Internet Research (i.e. information to use in blog posts)

You require good research material for your blog post and you know it is going to take 3 days of time continuously searching in the internet. That is a time that could be well spent on talking to potential clients. Look nowhere, your VA brings well researched material on any topic right on your mailbox right when you need it.

  1. Managing social media accounts

Having your company presence in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. has become mandatory. You have to engage with your customers, promote your brand and improve visibility in the social media. VAs can manage multiple accounts with ease and optimize their use for brand promotion.

  1. Managing/Updating your blog with content

Search Engine Optimization is the most important activity to get your company website to the top of google results and having a well written, great quality content is the organic way of improving your SEO ranking. Your VA can help write articles and update them periodically so that your website maintains its ranking.

  1. Answering customer support tickets

Dealing with customers having complaints is an important activity to your business and small entrepreneurs cannot have dedicated customer support staff for that. VA can also effortlessly handle customer support tickets and answer their queries.

  1. Managing/Cleaning up databases of contacts

As an entrepreneur, you would have a large database of contacts and sometimes you would forget who’s who. VAs can help you manage your contacts properly, cataloging them according to frequency and also occasionally clean up contacts who have been out of touch for a long time.

  1. Following up with clients or outstanding emails

Entrepreneurship requires following up with various clients without getting discouraged and VAs are perfect choice to assist in your quest for clients. They can schedule your day calendar with the important follow ups you need to do and the important mails you need to answer. A good VA has a very good understanding of your business and works according to your requirements.