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How to Outsource your Social Media Marketing to a Virtual Assistant - Featured

How to Outsource your Social Media Marketing to a Virtual Assistant

One of the key factors that businesses consider to market their brands and increase on profits is the use of social media.

Research indicates that more than 90% of top brands are in social media and 80% of SMEs use social media to market their products and services.

The top platforms used are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat and Instagram.

Importance of social media marketing

How to Outsource your Social Media Marketing to a Virtual Assistant - Important of Social

Marketing on social media is easy and beneficial. You are able to get more knowledge on the target group and categories of people who like your brand. Furthermore, you understand your customers better and adjust to products that most suits them.

A business owner is also able to know current trends, monitor competition, market products and know the things they are not doing right as a business since your customers will always correct you. Additionally, a company is able to have a large customer base from all over the world.

Why should you outsource your social media marketing to a Virtual Assistant?

How to Outsource your Social Media Marketing to a Virtual Assistant - Why outsource

As a business owner, you can’t get enough time in a day to post updates on those platforms at the same time manage your business.

This is the reason why you should delegate these duties to a reliable social media Virtual Assistant. Outsourcing your social media will not only relieve you on some duties but will also expand help expand your business by marketing it more effectively.

On top of that if you personally manage your social media accounts, you may end up spending more time online since you will be tempted to view some ads and get updated on the current affairs (The social media addiction thing).

A social media VA can operate those accounts at any time of the day since they don’t have official working hours. Delegating also saves costs you will incur when using marketing companies to promote your brands.

How do you hand over your accounts to a Social Media VA?

How to Outsource your Social Media Marketing to a Virtual Assistant - Social Media Passwords

To make a Virtual Assistant promote the online growth of your company through social media, you need to hand over accounts login details i.e. username and passwords. Remember your social media VA should be a very trustworthy individual.

You can easily do this by use of Lastpass. Lastpass is a password manager that saves passwords and can allow you to get access from other computers and devices.

Another alternative is to use Buffer, a social media management platform that allows you to easily schedule posts for social media accounts and automatically publish them.

Tasks that a social media VA can handle include:               

How to Outsource your Social Media Marketing to a Virtual Assistant - Snapchat

Researching content

One of the most important tasks that a social media VA can handle is research and come up with suitable content that will benefit your business including getting useful information from the web that will help improve the performance of your business.

Carrying out competitive analysis

You will be updated on what your competitors are doing. A social media Virtual Assistant will help you monitor performance of your competitors and find out the strategies they use to make them successful.

They should have a look of what your competitors are doing and try to come up with more advanced ways to outdo or be at par with them.

Monitoring audience progress

A VA can help monitor the progress of your customers and confirm if they are really satisfied with the services you offer and if not, what their complaints are. Social media VA’s will help you find out the areas that you should really be working on to improve the business and increase profitability.

They can also ask for the customers views on your products and what they think should be done to improve on quality.

Answering customer questions

A social media VA can answer customer questions on social media and update them on products that the company is offering. A VA can operate your social media platforms at any time of the day, so your customers’ questions will be answered promptly.

Creating images and graphics

A social media VA can help you create a quality image or a logo of your new brand or update a current one to be something unique and attractive to customers.

Publish and schedule posts

How to Outsource your Social Media Marketing to a Virtual Assistant - Facebook

Social media VA can publish posts on the current activities taking place in the business and keep customers updated on any brands coming up, what the company is doing to deliver quality products and the progress of your company at large.

Analyze and improve

A social media VA can analyze the performance of your business according to feedback they receive from customers on social media platforms. They are able to know the complaints that customers have and try to improve on area they think the business is not concentrating on.

They can create daily action plan and networking schedules that are designed to keep networking activities in line with professional goals. A social media VA will be able to know the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats surrounding your business.

Update your social media profile

They can keep all your accounts updated on every current detail on the company, create Facebook pages and invite people to like your page. Moreover, a social media VA can create monthly reports to update customers and stakeholders how the company or business is performing.


When outsourcing your social media to a VA you need to provide clear guidelines on what you expect them to do/not do. To market your brand, a customer wants to see you organized. First, you need to have a checklist of the goals you want to achieve and how you will achieve the goal through social media marketing. Know the strategies to use and the type of social media platforms that are relevant to your target market.