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Task Pigeon Review: The Task Management Software I Use To Run My Business

In my business I work with a large number of Virtual Assistants who work on projects that may be as short as one hour, and as long as a few weeks of continuous work. As a result a lot of the tasks are ad-hoc and need to be assigned in a relatively straight-forward manner.

Until recently the bulk of my business was run off email and spreadsheets. However as we expanded the business and the number of people I am responsible for I quickly found myself swamped. I spent more time checking my inbox and cross-referencing with my spreadsheet than I care to admit.

This led to me reviewing a number of task management software applications. First of all I tried Asana, but it was too complex for our needs and I kept getting emails from my staff, rather than updates in the tool itself.

Instead of wasting time on-boarding staff to a bunch of new task management applications I then spent the next few weeks using various tools as an individual. I wanted to find what worked well before I went to the effort of getting everyone else in my team to use it.

Towards the end of my search I stumbled across Task Pigeon. In my mind Task Pigeon perfectly balances ease of use with the required number of features to be effective.

After a week or so of testing I was convinced that I had finally found the task management tool my team would use so began inviting them to my account. The immediate response was overwhelmingly positive. I didn’t need to spend hours on Skype explaining how we were going to use the tool everyone just understood the core functionality of Task Pigeon in an instant.

One way I have found Task Pigeon useful is to utilize their category feature to represent each of the Virtual Assistants I work with. Essentially one category per person. This allows me to see how many outstanding tasks each of my VA’s have and to easily filter down to see what they are working on.

It has also been good to have a number of different ways to view tasks. These include a tile like system, a standard list and a kanban board option. Most of my staff seem to utilize the Kanban boards and tiles, but it is nice to be able to provide them with options.


Overall the biggest positive for me as a business owner has been the ease at which my staff have been able to take up the tool and start using. Not having to waste time and money on training has been a big plus.

In general I like the look and feel of the tool as well. It doesn’t come across as complex or cumbersome and is perfectly suited for companies like mine.


Depending on your business there are a couple of negatives that you need to consider. Working with Virtual Assistants it would be great to have a built in time tracking tool for each task and to then see a summary of the number of hours worked by each individual on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

I would also like to be able to prioritize tasks/highlight urgent items. You can do this by setting different deadlines but perhaps the option to highlight a tile is a different color or to have an urgent tab would also be a worthy edition.


If you are a small to medium team Task Pigeon could be the task management tool you have been looking for. Task Pigeon has both free and paid accounts. With my team I stated on the free account before upgrading after a few weeks of use as I could see value in some of the additional features the paid tier offered.